CALLING ALL DEGENERATES!!! (and whoever else may enter)


If you're still here after reading the title, you've come to the right place. & I'M SO HAPPY YOU'RE HERE!!! Ahhhhhh.... the page where degenerates can come to feel a little less degenerated and a whole lotta inspired by reading and witnessing the past and present stories of my everyday life.

So, without further ado (& drum roll please).... let me briefly introduce myself, explain why I'm starting this blog/brand [A.K.A, my personal venting site], and where the idea came from. *chefs kiss*

My name is JOSIE (pronounced Jo-Z, which would also 100% be my stage name as a rapper... or 'Lil Jo on the track' definitely coming in close second).

Unfortunately, my rap career is still in my dreams (no, seriously, we'll dive into my singing ventures later)... BUT!!! Thankfully, I've got some other ideas up my sleeve - not literally, but that would be cool.

I recently graduated from Auburn University in May 2021 with my BA in Media Studies and a minor in Theatre Performance. Peep me to the left swinging my magna cum laude tassel.... wait, say what? OHHHHH, SHE SMART SMART?! Degenerates get diplomas, too, y'all!

& an update: now, I've decided to rack my brain some more by pursuing my MS in Marketing online.


I'm a southern raised turned city lovin' child of God.

Yee-Haw but on a rooftop overlooking the skyline, please? Get you a girl that can do both!!! (I know... I cringed typing it, too.. whatever, bye)

OH yeah, and did I mention I'm a Flight Attendant? Life's..... a littttttle crazy.

The degeneracy is real. Stay tuned and standby for my Flight Attending adventures (kikiki, "standby", get it? ... no? okey)


I like to think of myself as weird... but in a good way, yaknow? You'll find this out about me (if you haven't already). Anywho, I think if you're not weird... then, you are weird. Point made and proven.

Falalalala, moving on... I'm 24 years old technically making me #GenZ, but please... for the love of all things chocolate, don't write me off just yet. #GenZ has feelings, too.


Okey, okey, iDigress -- jokes aside --

The advice I'll give from the stories of my up to now "degenerate" life are to be continued in future posts, but every experience I've been through all play into why I'm starting Degenerates Daily.

From personally dealing with childhood traumas to body image issues to verbal/physical/emotional abuse.... aaaandddd the list quite literally goes on and on. I've lost myself and found her again what seems to be a million times, but it's truly all made me the loving, weirdo I am today.

As an outsider looking in, it's easy for anyone to look at another person and think they have it all together... BUT Y'ALL!!!!!! Your girl has been through the wringer (it's me, I'm "your girl")... and I know somebody reading this is with me, so hear me out.

I want to tell my story in a positive way and help myself by helping YOU, my little degenerates.

I've got a lot to unpack (both life experiences and things in my suitcase), and I can't wait to share my stories, advice, and degeneracy with you all!

*pinches self*

*is surprised when the pinch hurts*


To my degenerates...

From a former and still semi-active daily degenerate, I want to make your days a lotta bit easier. Learn from my mistakes. Take my advice. You Go Glen CoCo!

I walked (scratch that... I tripped and landed on my face about thirty times) so you all could run.




Isaiah 41:10

P.S. I'll spill the beans on where the title name, Degenerates Daily, came from in my next little excerpt... toodle-loo, 'til next time.



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