NEW YEAR, SAME DEGENERATE: 2021's failures featuring The I.T. Guy and this one mean girl

2021... Whata freaking time, bro.


I laughed, I cried, I could've died, BUT iSurvived

I could go on and on about how the past 2 years have absolutely SUCKED and we're in a worldwide frenzy :') or how things aren't really looking up for 2022 either.. losing Betty White hours before the year even began... along with Bob Saget right at the start. Like.....??????

It's not fair, but that's life.

America will miss them forever and a day. Our Golden Girl and our Danny Tanner.

I named our pool cleaner polaris Danny Tanner.... I'm heartbroken honestly. <//3

The past couple of years have put a toll on everyone mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even physically.

I could list all of the traumatic experiences that have occurred, but it all goes without saying. We wish we could avoid all of the chaos, but unfortunately, that's quite literally impossible. The downfall of our country is happening before our eyes. The media is flooded with the craziness that is our country. :''')

All we can do is hope everything will "just like... chill for a sec", but if we're being real -- it's unlikely, yaknow?

After 2020 and 2021, it's an achievement in itself that we're still here to see 2022.

It's been a freaking disaster for a lack of better words. I mean.... oof. So, pat yourself on the back.

On top of all of the madness that encompassed this past year, I wanna dive into one of the most degenerate stories of my existence... and a situation that affected my entire 2021 and mental health atop of everything else going on in the world. A doozy as I would say.

Mah-hah... so, let's "get into it yuhh" (I'll never live that down, thank u doja cat)

Soooo…. my most recent ex, right… the one I mentioned in the ghosts of Christmas past… for future reference, we'll refer to him as: The I.T. GUY...... it's always the I.T. guy, huh? Yeauhhhh. :') Steering clear of them now, okie dokie, noted.


This is a story about whenever we were together and the tumultuous situation I put myself in.

My insecurities strike again!!!!! DEGENERACY

Backstory: We dated for about 5 months before introducing me to his best girl friend (let’s call her Isabelle because that’s so close to her actual name) - anyways, ding ding ding, semi-RED FLAG a lot of people would say. But, whatever, degeneracy is real — we loveeeee a good red flag. & I truly didn't see it as one at the time.

When I finally meet her… ohhhhhh when I finally meet her, this girl is just one of those girls…..

Ladies, you know what I mean. and I now understood why I wasn't introduced until later on.

I was the first girl he had ever brought around — actually, the first girl ANY of his guys friends or him had brought around.

*flips hair* No surprise there, I certainly can hang. No bad vibes or wuteva….

But boyyyyyyyy.... did she bring the bad vibes.

& not just to me — I had heard MULTIPLE stories about this girl, BUT I’m not the type of person to judge another by what others tell me. I like to make my own judgment on whether or not I like someone’s energy.

The FIRST thing she said to me when I walked in…. “I’m very protective over him.”

LOL - okay, strange right off the jump. His family didn’t even come at me that way. BUT I’ve been the “crazy” girlfriend one too many times like I've mentioned in a past blog post, and I truly wanted to like this girl for the sake of mine and his relationship… so iDigress and the night continues.

She proceeds to tell me how close she is with the boys…. “I walk around naked in front of them all of the time.. we’re like siblings”

Okay lol… I don't know what grown siblings are walkin’ around nude in front of each other, but you’ve got the wrong one hunny.

I hereby testify to have never walked around naked with my brother.

It's fine.... I'm fine......

Again…. trying to let it go….. in my head — ““dont be crazy, dont be crazy, dont be crazy”” BUT Y’ALL … HOW COULD YOU NOT GO A BIT INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE OVER THIS?!

Sooo… the night continues on… falalalala.

[Big time P.S.: I’m so happy to have created this platform and brand to voice how I feel and describe the situations I've been through FROM MY POINT OF VIEW. Amen. Period.]

Okeyyyy, moving on…

we all end up going downtown together for a ~night cap~ (whatever that means)

& this is where things go from bad to absolutely, detrimentally horrible.

Keep in mind I told him how I felt about her previous comments -- how I was getting BIG offfff vibes from her.

Whenever we get to the club, The I.T. Guy immediately sits down because he wasn’t feeling well. I’m sitting with him like the great girlfriend and citizen of America that I am.

*barfs* because I would've left him there alone if I knew what was gonna happen next.

IF This you know what doesn’t prance her conniving self over to my boyfriend and and proceed to straddle him……. THEN PROCEEDS TO GIVE HIM A LAP DANCE… for wayyyyy too damn long. Excuse my french. I mean a good 2 1/2 minutes probably.

Oh, if I could go back and do things differently :’’’’)

I'm high-key shocked I held my composure as well as I did.


I could’ve killed her right there in that moment. But iDigressed. Because yaknowwhat……. IT WAS ULTIMATELY HIS FAULT. That's my boyfriend, right??? [.... or was it? Lol. Didn't seem like it, huh.]

Someone I cared so deeply for at that time completely disregarded my feelings completely.

Was I surprised? 100%. This was the first argument we had ever gotten into.

Am I so mad at myself for not listening to the warning signs before it got to this point of picking myself up after a break up? Big time.


HE let her continue to do that right in front of me WHEN I JUST MET HER. He proceeded to dap up all of his friends after the fact. And my degenerate, blinded by love head-a** self stayed with him.

She already made me feel uncomfortable, I voiced that to him before we got to the club, and he clearly didn’t care.


Why would you want to be with someone who doesn't respect you?

What it really means is you don't respect yourself... I didn't.

Anyways, whata great first impression of her.

Despite how much I wanted to let into her, I took it all out on him & it felt good because I always go for the girl in situations like this… ~growth~ (kinda LOL) gets worse :’)

After this night, I didn’t give him an ultimatum of “it’s her or me” because I was really trying to just let it go.

HOWEVER….. when I tell y'all, he would bring her up JUST to get under my skin. He would SNAPCHAT her in front of me JUST TO GET UNDER MY SKIN.

When I was out of town, he would alwayyyssssss hang out with her…. & hide it from me :’’’’)

Fully self-aware that i’m a loser for staying with the dude. Don't come for me.

I loved him — it was obviously one-sided from the lack of respect I was given, but I was blinded in love. It drove me absolutely crazy. I let her get to me so much that I started to hate him… ha it continues, let’s proceed.

Her birthday was coming up…. They all planned a trip to Colorado that I was not invited to… but after that night, they invited me to come along. Lol, I wonder why. (Probably the only respectful thing he did in the whole situation with her)

SIDENOTE: I hope you all understand my ill will towards this girl — NOT woman.

I’m writing this 1) to let it out 2) ultimately hoping it’ll help someone going through something similar

YOU DON’T NEED HIM OR HER IF THEY AREN’T MAN OR WOMAN ENOUGH TO RESPECT YOU AND YOUR FEELINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This goes for family, friends, boyfriends or girlfriends. The whole nine yards. Don't take crap from anybody.


Learn from my degeneracy… don’t let them get the last lick…. if they can’t respect you, RESPECT YOURSELF by runnninnnnggggg away from that relationship. Leave them be. Love yourself versus loving them. You’ll be so happy you do… because I so regret staying, giving my all, and wasting precious time on someone who saw me as just another girl. iDigress iPray iMoveOn okey

Anywho, back to the birthday trip… fast forward to Denver, CO….

A place I hold so dear to my heart, but also a place Isabelle brought a whole new meaning to. The memories of that trip will forever haunt my brain. She's just... a terrible excuse for a human being, yaknow? God forgive me, but wow.

For a lack of better words, I wish she was from another country so I never had to have the displeasure of meeting her. :') ahhhh.... digression....

To make a long story short, I'm going to list everything she did on this birthday trip that simply put isn't normal behavior / how you treat someone who is new to this "friend" group... again, she's just one of those girls. But iDigress, I blame my ex-boyfriend. Ok - here goes it:

  • put us in the smallest room on the floor on an air mattress whilst everyone else got a bed -- but we still had to pay the same amount as everyone else??? funny.

  • talked mad ***t about me the ENTIRE trip. telling everyone I was weird. purposefully leaving me out.

  • SHE KISSED MY BOYFRIEND. ha oh yeah. He kissed her back. I really don't understand why I stayed. Again... always the I.T. guys. Gross - ill go more into that on the podcast or YouTube. Idk. Weird times.

  • Calling me obnoxious and strange to my face... mind you, her & I never had a conversation??? I'm strange how? her point?

  • Whispering to the other girls on the trip talking ABOUT ME right in front of me. No like.... I could actually hear the words coming out of her mouth making fun of me..... why I was so nonchalant when she was doing these things is beyond me. I think I was worried once I spoke up, it was gonna get ugly because she doesn't know how to communicate. She only knows how to be Isabelle AKA "world's biggest c**t" as her friends called her. Oop. I still kinda regret never giving her what she deserves... but we'll keep it at that. Karma is real. iSit back & wait. ~growth~

  • Lying about how much room there was in the car going to the gas station & proceeding to tell me, "it's full, just stay here [at the house]."

Idk y'all... it was just bad. I cried my eyes out. My ex made us have an intervention. I still truly did not get to fully express myself to her or him because she kept interrupting me with her extremely rude, fake nice comments. A MESS, Y'ALL.

After that trip, I truly couldn't stand the girl... for good reasoning, okay. But I still kept the peace and never told her how i really felt about her for the sake of my own relationship. Mistakes.

I voiced to my ex I never wanted to be around her in a setting ever again, and I would not appreciate it if he hung out with her anymore -- especially with me not being there. I didn't think I was asking a lot. My points seemed so valid. She was subconsciously tearing us apart...

I wholeheartedly wish someone would correct me if I'm wrong for feeling as disrespected as I did. He tried to make me feel absolutely insane... they all did... but no one saw it from my point of view. Only hers to be honest... a compulsive liar. My ex continued to hang out with her and her friends... I continued to nag about her... still staying in this relationship where I seemed the only one truly interested anymore. Because I was.

I would say "iNtuiTiOn iS EveRyThiNg",

but It wasn't even intuition at that point ... I mean, c'mon ...

Fast forward again to some point in the timeline I don't remember... I was staying at The I.T. Guy's place for the weekend, and that Friday or Saturday ((I don't remember specifically)), his friends kept talking about this party we were going to later that day.

Low and behold it was Isabelle's roommates birthday party.... at Isabelle's house.

Long story short... me and her got into it. She finally crossed the line far enough that I decided to put her in her place. Or I tried... LOL

Instead, in true Isabelle fashion, she flipped the story to make me look crazy and paint herself as the victim in the situation. Theeeee absurdity. The accuracy :')

Here's what she said to me that pushed me over the edge:

“I don’t know who raised you, but nobody likes you. none of our friends like you. you can’t keep a job. you’re pathetic. you're weird. things were so much better before you came along. you’re not welcome.”

I PROMISE YOU any human being that has the audacity to speak to you that way is getting you confused with themself.

It’s easy to react out of spite when bullies or insecure humans come at you in such a malicious way (& I certainly did that, oop)... but look at it this way — they only hurt your feelings for split second, it could be worse... you could be like them. Period.

When I told The I.T. Guy what she said to me, he didn't believe me. I mean... no surprise there, but I crumbled at this point. Why does everyone allow her to act the way she does? Why does no one say anything? It's beyond me.

I'll tell the story in more detail on the podcast in the works or in a YouTube video... there's just so much to it. Oof

She never apologized to me. He never apologized to me. I STILL stayed with him.



Reliving these situations in my head is taking a lil' toll on me tonight Lol.


I love you degennies


The Daily Degenerate

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