Hello fellow degenerates.


Yep, you guessed it… it’s that time of the year when we make a bunch of promises to ourselves that we don’t keep.

C'mon... be for real...

“I’m only drinking water”, “I’m going to wake up and workout every morning”, “I’m going to go to church every Sunday”, “I’m going to finally go through with my new year’s resolutions”, aaaand you get the point.

I think we tell ourselves these things for motivation to do better — when in actuality, we gots to

stop talking & start doing.


Resolutions are such a BUST. Why make these unrealistic promises to yourself when you know how it goes? BURN OUT. Why do you think no one ever sticks to their resolutions? Because WE’RE BEING TOO HARD ON OURSELVES.

Maybe try an alternate approach? Instead of hitting the ground running on January 1st and going cold turkey on some things or extra turkey on some things (? idk either) … try taking it day by day. If you stumble, that’s okay hunny. If you fall, get back up. It’s not about being this ~perfect~ version of ourselves come the new year… it’s about GROWTH and learning through life's lessons.


We’re all steady learning through these traumatic years and situations we face whether you see it or not, and you do NAHT have to have it all figured out just because the date is changing on the man-made calendar. Okurt.

January 1st is equivalent to January 30th.... It doesn't matter how long you've waited, JUST START NOW.


Even though resolutions are a scam & most degenerates won't be going through with theirs...



- stunt (on em)

- revenge body

- revenge MIND!!!!!

- drink more water... no, seriously though

- pray more often

- focus on myself, don't give anyone full access to my heart anymore bc damn ouch

If your resolutions are similar, lettuce talk about it.

If you refrained from making any, I respect that.

For starters...

My ex text me recently, " can't even take care of yourself", "you need to grow up", etc etc etc

& like.... yeah, so? his point???? :')

THANK YOU, NEXT. But seriously...

I thank him for inspiring me to get up and make him regret his entire existence while amplifying mine.


*digresses all violence 2022*

*cough cough*

1) "Stunt (on em)":


I'm typically nice and loyal to a fault...

Now now, don't get me wrong... I can put someone in their place if deserved :-) But I find myself holding back in that area sometimes to avoid conflict... as I'm sure a lot of us do.

Anyways, 2022... I'm done allowing anyone to belittle me.



*** I am healthy, I am wealthy, I am rich, I am that -- you know the rest ~s/o flo milli~ ***

I think we can all admit we've been guilty of allowing another person(s) to shrink us in some way.

Whether they diminish your personality, high spirits, or confidence... YOU allow them to.

So, really, you're both at fault.

Know your worth, know your values, and stop letting others subconsciously control your attitude, responses, and decisions.

2) Revenge body


I’ve always been self-conscious about my weight. I dealt with bullying growing up which led to eating disorders (we’ll get into that another day, another blog)…

My relationship with food and exercise has always been a wonky one.

This year, I plan to truly pay attention to what I’m putting into my body… for my health, my confidence… ok & REVENGE .. yeah that maybe has a little to do with it. Because — why not?

Due to years of eating disorders, I absolutely obliterated my metabolism. :'''') My weight fluctuates SO bad, and I'm still learning how to keep it steady to keep me happy mentally. When I look good, I feel my best. How we treat ourselves is a direct reflection of how we will treat others. So --> Get right sis!!!!

I get in my little funks and fall off -- then start again -- aaaand that's the downfall.

Because it's really all about CONSISTENCY.

I've felt like I feel right now so many times, and it's time I stopped.... OKEEEYYYYYY - weDigress

We've got to remind ourselves too that it's okay not to be where we want to be right now.

As long as you're working towards your goals and not falling backwards, that's all that matters.


For motivation : Here's a time I really "did that"

here's the post link for my inspiring, degeneracy free (maybe) caption muhahaha


Words hurt and all the shiesty ones have stuck with me my entire life.

The best way to shut people up is to prove them wrong so lesssssssgetttittttttttt 2022

3) Revenge mind


I’ve allowed certain individuals and situations to break me completely down at points in my life.

I’ve lost myself caring so strongly for others.

I’ve put others before me.

2022, we reallllyyyy trying to put a stop to it.


I’ve been labeled the crazy girlfriend by men one too many times. All the while, they’re still messing with me, my heart, and my emotions… in secret. Or they leave only to come back days, weeks, months, even years later. A complete and total mental blow. & a complete and total lack of respect for myself allowing that treatment.

I’ve truly been so weak in some situations in my past, and I’m sure I’ll find myself there again at some point down the line... because, well, human nature.

We all have those moments. However, I’m growing. We’re growing, degennies.

I’m not the same person I was before the hard times, and neither are you.

PUT YOU FIRST. The rest will fall into place.

God’s Plan. okey

Isaiah 41:10

4) Drink more water


Ok, short and sweet… TMI but I went to the doctor the other day, and the woman who did my urinalysis...

....her face when I handed her my sample said enough.

Then, she proceeded to laugh and told me to drink more water followed by “you dehydrated, girl”

She isn’t wrong…

moving on

5) Pray!!! more!!! often!!!



This the one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got time TUH-DAY

I’m sure many of you can relate with finding yourself so on fire for God sometimes...

and falling back from God at other times. It’s always all love, but it’s so easy to succumb into the cycle of everyday life’s stresses and fall off routine.

For me, I have to stay in scripture and prayer to truly feel fulfilled and keep that relationship A-1.

When I don’t, sure - I’m still me, I'm still present — but I find myself less motivated and less joyful.

Prayer works. I’ve seen it.

I have been and am so blessed.

I’m praying we can all keep going despite our minds playing tricks on us.

I’m praying we can forget about “them” & focus on US + God’s plan for our lives.


2022 I see u boo





This one really goes without saying…. I’m sick, I’m tired, of … these men.

iLove too hard, iTrust too much, iGive my all — aaand iSee nothing wrong with any of these things…

it’s who i’m giving all of this to that’s the problem.

Discernment 2022, enlightenment 2022, luv me most 2022


Dear my fellow degenerate, please don’t allow your resolutions to give you anxiety like they tend to do.

Whatever you want to do — you CAN do it.

Be yourself, love yourself

They h8 u cuz they aint u — run up, get done up

I love you so hard.


Daily Degenerate

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